Suhridam Roy

Research Scholar, Institutional staff

Vof1 19

M.Sc. Forestry, Forest Research Institute
B.Sc. Zoology, University of Calcutta

I have joined NCF in January, 2017 as a PhD research fellow. Before that, I have been a part of NCF high altitude team during my master’s dissertation and I analyzed camera trap data to understand the patterns of spatial and temporal interaction among a diverse group of Trans-Himalayan wild species.

I had never planned to come into field of wildlife and conservation. However, I feel now, this is the place where I can rightly fit in. My interests are not static, changes over time. But, species interaction, animal behavior and animal responses towards changing environment, had always fascinated me. I love when art and science converge into a beautiful creation. Mountains, vast open sky, endless meadows and wild animals in their native landscapes, brings warmth to my heart. I believe there is a long adventurous journey ahead of me, which is challenging and arduous, but it is worth exploring.


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