Tsewang Namgail

Alumnus, High Altitudes


I obtained a BSc degree from the Jammu University in 1995, and MSc from the Punjab University, Chandigarh, in 1998. Thereafter, I pursued wildlife science at the University of Tromso, Norway, and obtained an MPhil degree in 2001. My research interests include community ecology, macroecology, behavioural ecology and human dimensions of wildlife. Heretofore I worked on agricultural pests, resource partitioning amongst mountain ungulates, wildlife-livestock interactions, carnivore-human conflicts and plant-herbivore interactions. Presently, I am a PhD student at the Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and my research focuses on the large herbivore diversity in the western Indian Trans-Himalaya. I also collaborate with the International Snow Leopard Trust in conserving the snow leopard and its prey species.


Dsc 1033

Shared pastures

How mountain ungulates of the trans-Himalaya live together


  • Journal Article
    Multi-spatial co-distribution of the endangered Ladakh urial and blue sheep in the arid Trans-Himalayan mountains. 
    Tsewang Namgail, Wieren, S. E., Charudutt Mishra, Prins, H. H.
    Journal of Arid Environments, 74 : 1162–1169.
  • Book Chapter
    Multiple Use of Trans-Himalayan Rangelands: Reconciling Human Livelihoods withWildlife Conservation. 
    Wild Rangelands: Conserving Wildlife While Maintaining Livestock in Semi-Arid Ecosystem (eds J. T. Toit, R. Kock & J. C. Deutsch), pp. 291-311. Blackwell Publishing.
  • Journal Article
    Effects of herbivore species richness on the niche dynamics and distribution of blue sheep in the Trans-Himalaya. 
    Tsewang Namgail, Charudutt Mishra, B. de jong, van Wieren, S., Prins, H. H.
    Diversity and Distributions, 15, 940–947.
  • Journal Article
    Distributional correlates of the Tibetan gazelle Procapra picticaudata in Ladakh, northern India: towards a recovery programme. 
    Oryx, 42, 107-112.
  • Journal Article
    Pastoral nomads of the Indian Changthang: production system, landuse and socioeconomic changes. 
    Human Ecology, 35, 497-504.

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