Book Chapter
Dugongs in Asia. In Sirenian conservation: Issues and strategies in developing countries.
Ellen M. Hines, Kanjana Adulyanukosol, Sombat Poochaviranon, Phay Somany, Leng Sam Ath, Nick Cox, Keith Symington, Tint Tun, Anouk Ilangakoon, Hans H. de Iongh, Lemnuel V. Aragones, Shaoyong Lu, Xia Jiang, Xin Jing, Elrika D'Souza, Vardhan Patankar, Dipani Sutaria, Bharat Jethva, Parimal Solanki
Florida: University of Florida Press.

Ellen Hines. John Reynolds, Lemnuel Aragones, Antonio A. Mignucci- Giannoni, Miriam Marmontel. (Ed.)

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