Eastern Himalaya

Mrunal interview 20in 20mizoram


Hornbill survey across North-east India

Survey to assess the status of hornbills in five north-eastern states


Hornbill Nest Adoption Program

Saving hornbill homes with communities

Good 20sc 20pic1


Forests, weeds and farms

Understanding a shifting cultivation system in the Eastern Himalaya

Hornbill 20watch 20gallery 20page

Hornbill Watch

Citizen-science initiative celebrating Indian Hornbills



Plant-disperser mutualistic networks

Understanding the role of hornbills in plant-disperser networks

Turpinia 20pomifera 20seedling

Rats, seeds and rainforest trees

Plant-animal interactions: seed predation and plant demography

Flock 20of 20wreathed 20hornbills 20in 20pakke kalyan 20verma

Tracking hornbill movements and seeds

Hornbill ranging, fruit distribution and implications for seed dispersal


Tree phenology and hornbill breeding

Long-term monitoring of trees, hornbill nests and roosts

High Altitudes

Walking 20snow 20leopard 20sign 20transect 20above 205 000m

Snow leopard and prey distribution

Factors affecting snow leopard & wild-prey at multiple scales 



Snow leopard field tool kit

Field training tool kit to promote snow leopard conservation

A ncbs 31e

Plants, herbivores and communities

Rangeland dynamics in the Trans-Himalaya

Dsc 1033

Shared pastures

How mountain ungulates of the trans-Himalaya live together

Urial devika

Understanding urial

Factors affecting distribution and abundance of Ladakh urial


People, livestock and snow leopards

Unique livestock insurance schemes betters prospects for herders and carnivores

Sl 20cam 20trap 201

Snow leopard - prey dynamics

Understanding impact of wild prey availability on snow leopard killing livestock

Red 20fox 20in 20gete 20village  20spiti  20hp ag


Response of red fox to village expansion

How does red fox respond to increasing village size in the Trans-Himalaya?

Oceans and Coasts

Dugong 201 20neil 20island photo vardhan 20patankar

Conserving an extinct species

Tracking changes in dugong populations in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago

Boat 20and 20turtle

Turf Wars

Understanding turtle-fisher conflicts in Lakshadweep seagrass meadows

Agatti 20rubble

Coping with catastrophe

Documenting patterns and processes of resilience in the Lakshadweep reefs



Chickenfeed (Completed)

The economics of trawl fishing along the Coromandel coast



Kitchen Stories

Understanding how Nicobar communities share resources in the wake of the tsunami

Img 0012


Mainstreaming resilience principles

Understanding and managing the buffer capacity of the Andaman and Nicobar reefs

Traditional 20management 20project 20


Traditional management and change

Marine resource management in the Nicobar archipelago


Reef fish responses to climate change

Understanding how fish communities in the Lakshadweep cope with change 

Grouper faceoff

Aggregating groupers

Documenting and protecting spawning aggregations in the Lakshadweep

Irrawaddy 20breaching


Net Gains

Understanding coexistence between Irrawaddy dolphins and fishers in Chilika

Western Ghats

Young 20elephant 20bull 20  20md 20madhusudan

Making room for elephants

Landscape level conservation planning for elephants in Karnataka

Elephant 1

Reviving the rainforest

Ecological restoration of degraded rainforest in the Anamalai hills

Ltm kalyan 1020


Towards wildlife-friendly roads

Studying and reducing impacts of roads on wildlife in the Anamalai hills



Living with leopards

Carnivore, conflicts, and conservation in the Anamalai hills

Ltm with infant

Wildlife in rainforest fragments

Life in the treetops and undergrowth in rainforest remnants



Whittled-down woods

Plant communities and invasive species in forest fragments


Of forests and farms

Conserving wildlife in forests and plantations in the landscape

Gh in flight

Hornbill hotspots

Hornbill distribution and conservation threats



Otters in troubled waters?

Otters in the Kaveri - sharing space with riverine fisheries and sand mining


The secret lives of leopards

Understanding the ecology of leopards in Karnataka 

Cranes and Wetlands

Bns sarus


Breeding success in croplands

Understanding limits to Sarus Crane and Black-necked Stork productivity



Of Storks In Farmlands

Asian Openbills and Lesser Adjutants feeding in a Nepali SarusScape

Education and Public Engagement

Bci logo thumbnail2

Bird Count India

Birdwatchers pooling information for research and conservation

Img 20190119 123506

A Nature Learning Framework for Schools

Partnering with schools to develop age & place appropriate nature learning 

Pongamia jmgarg


Join us in studying the seasonality of trees!

Bar headed 20goose kalyan 20varma thumbnail



Monitoring bird migration through public participation

Other Initiatives

Mosquito evolutionary ecology

Understanding the behaviour and life-history of mosquitos

Plant phenology

Tracking seasonality of trees and shrubs


Arunachal macaque photo by kripaljyoti mazumdar

Monkey of the deep jungle

Ecology and conservation of Macaca munzala

April 6 %2818%29

Primates in fragments

Behavioural ecology of primates in the Upper Brahmaputra Valley of Assam

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